Social Media Influencer, Digital Marketing, Live Host.

About Me

Tommy Gabriel has become an icon in the pop culture world and is recognized for his bubbly personality and advertising skills.

Born in New Jersey, He started in the social media world in 2014. He started social media to help himself find friends who had the same love of technology and celebrity gossip as him. We was later discovered by TMZ on Twitter in 2016 as a senior in high school still for his impressive commentator around the Kardashians.

Tommy has grown his following to 60k followers international.

Tommy has a personal connection with followers and calls them his “online buddies”.

He has appeared on a Time Square Billboard for the first time at 22 years old. He has helped many companies with social media and marketing campaigns that has caused the brand to grow 10x.

On his days off, you can catch him sleeping, practicing Portuguese or signing his favorite songs in American Sign Language.

What I Can Provide

Social Media Content Advertising

I can create relevant content about your product or service that can posted on my social media platforms or on the brand's social media.

Public Relations

I can assist with writing and pitching the media for your niche to ensure you get the exposure you deserve.


Indoor & Outdoor Advertising

I can assist you with bring your brand to any demographic indoors or out in a fun, effective, impactful way! Reach out to learn about how I can help your brand! 🙂